Draw in new customers with a fresh line of high-quality and useful products from the leader in monthly supply boxes for chicken keepers.

A new source of revenue for pet and feed stores

Since our start in 2015, Henny+Roo has been a proven leader in the distribution of chicken keeping supplies to U.S. chicken keepers. We've worked with all of the major brands in the poultry supply industry, and we are proud to join them in supplying chicken keepers with the very best for their pet chickens. We're convinced your customers will be attracted to our innovative, high-quality products and fresh, fun look.

Not currently serving chicken keepers? Raising urban chickens is a trend that keeps growing, as people start backyard flocks for stress relief and to produce healthy eggs for their families. Serve this new audience and their pet chickens with the Henny+Roo line of treats, coop products, and gifts.

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